February 19, 2011

I'm Ready for Spring!

I don't know about you, but this super cold weather is getting on my last nerve. I mean, come on. It's the middle of February and we have snow! I'm sick of wool socks, gloves and parkas. Since I haven't mastered the art of altering the weather to my liking, I decided to do a little spruce up in my house to make it feel a bit brighter and warmer. I painted one wall in my living room the beautiful 2011 color of the year... Honeysuckle! It is gorgeous. The wall inspired me to keep going. I moved some small pieces of furniture, added a Pom Pom garland that I made and brought in some of my favorite milk glass, vintage canning jars and vintage teacups and saucers. All bright and fun. I'm hoping this will tide me over until I can walk outside in flip-flops and a tank top. We shall see. If you're feeling the winter blues, here are a few easy fixes to give your space the spring spruce up...

1. Zig Zag or Striped Area Rug - These are the "it" designs to have this year for the floor. You can find them in any shape, size or color and it will make an immediate change. Tip,don't spend a ton on a rug that will wear out it's welcome in a few years. Style doesn't have to cost a fortune.

2. Let the Sunshine In - Wash your windows, inside and out. You don't realize how much dirt and crud can build up on your windows over the long rainy season. It will make an unbelievable difference.

3. Pillows - Most people have a neutral color sofa. That is a smart purchase, but can add to the dreariness that is The Pacific Northwest. Solution, grab a few throw pillows that are bright and have a fun pattern. Pillows are probably the cheapest and easiest update to a room. 2011 is showing us that bright colors are in. That makes the options almost limitless.

4. Lighting - Lighting is key to having an inviting and uplifting space.
Task, accent and overhead lighting should be incorporated throughout
the room to keep it bright during those Armageddon like rain storms.

5. Fresh Flowers - Does this really need an explanation?

Happy Decorating!