December 19, 2014

25 Days of Christmas CoCo Style - Day 19: Not Your Mother's Gift Wrap

"Fun and Creative Gift Wrap Ideas"
If you ask me, the wrap job of a gift can be just as awesome as the gift itself. It can take me up to an hour to wrap one present. And yeah, that's a long time, but holy crap do my presents look amazing. The gifts shown on my December segment of AM Northwest are fun and relatively simple. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out the video.

Trying to keep up with Pinterest and Etsy, the big box stores have stepped up their game in the last few years. While walking the holiday aisle at Target the other day, I saw packaged yarn strings. Yarn. You can go to the fabric store and get all kinds of yarn in different colors and patterns for a lot less. I found it quite funny and yet, you know people are buying it. The easier it is to be crafty, the more people will do it.

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 Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2014

25 Days of Christmas CoCo Style - Day 18: Calling All Decorating Procrastinators

Today's post is for those decorating procrastinators out there (Personally, I can't even begin to understand not decorating the day after Thanksgiving. Weirdo.). If you're looking to give your place a shot of festive, you must check out Crate and Barrel. They've got some fantastic Christmas decor, and quite a bit of it has been clearanced. As far as orders go, you can either chose to pick up from the store or you can have it shipped. Last day for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery is 12/19 at 5pm Central. So, get off your rear and get to decorating!

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 Merry Christmas!

December 17, 2014

25 Days of Christmas CoCo Style - Day 17: Gift Guide for the Animal Lover

 If you know me at all, you know I love animals. If I could, my home would be a menagerie of every stray animal I've found. I'd also add in a few goats and a mini-pig. Have you seen those things? Talk about adorable. 

Sooo, obviously I had to do a Gift Guide post for the animal lover. These are some of the cutest animal gifts I have ever seen.


                  BUNNY GICLEE                          PUPPY P.J.'S                 ANIMAL EGG MOULDS

                                  CAT CRIB                                                     SQUIRREL PRINT     

                     CUSTOM STUFFED DOGS                          HEDGEHOG RUBBER STAMP


                                   FLAMINGO CARDS                             CUSTOM PET PORTRAIT

             HORSE HEAD SQUIRREL FEEDER                         "DOGS IN CARS" BOOK

                                       ANIMAL RINGS                                    CROCHET CAT BED     

                             PUPPY PLANTER                                         ANIMAL GIFT WRAP

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 Merry Christmas!