February 26, 2013

Lightbulb Moment

One day while wandering around online, I came across these unreal light sculptures and instantly knew I needed to learn about this artist. Enter Pieke Bergmans. This amazingly talented woman makes one mean light bulb. Or as she calls them, "Light Blubs". Take one look at her sculptures and the name makes complete sense.

Although based in The Netherlands, she exhibits all over the world. Not just Light Blubs, but other pieces in varying materials and mediums.

The forms of these sculptures are so fluid and realistic. I just love it!


February 22, 2013

Time for Din-Din

Sometimes I feel like a wallpaper pusher. I'm not trying to be, but I just love it so much. "Come on, man. All the cool kids are doing it."

Wallpaper was a key design element in a recent project I completed in a 1910 bungalow in SW Portland. I was beyond thrilled with how it turned out. Pretty much nailed it.

This is what we started with. A typical Ikea design was done when my client first purchased his home. While it served it's purpose, he was ready for a more cozy, warm and lived in feel.
And here is the finished product...
Pretty big difference, right? I added wallpaper and a chair rail on the main wall, and new paint in a light gray with a blue tint on the remaining walls. The ceiling was good as is, since it was basically white. The french doors were painted in a darker blue gray to make them pop.

I loved the industrial table and chairs we got, but they were a little cold. I tossed in some throw pillows and problem solved. They add cushion, color and texture.

Accessories and the small tidbits are essential in finishing up a design. I like to think of it as the make-up and jewelry of a design. It's what completes the look. Words to live by. You're welcome.


February 19, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: TWELVE

Can you believe it's already the middle of February? Where does the time go? As I type this post, I see myself picking items that remind me of spring. Must mean I'm done with winter. Is there really anything to look forward to after New Year's Eve? No. I'm hoping that the bulbs and Rhodies starting to come out is a good sign for an early and warm spring.


February 12, 2013

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Clocks are a solid accessory for pretty much any design. I almost always incorporate one into my projects. It just makes sense. Not only are they useful, but can also be pieces of art. On a budget? Hit the second hand store and bring an old clock home that you can jazz up yourself. A little paint and elbow grease can do wonders.