August 15, 2010

Faux Sho'!

I’m pretty sure that everyone knows that the term “faux” means fake. Unfortunately, it doesn't always get the best reaction from people. As recent as a few years ago most faux items were… Well, let’s just say it. Crap. However, 2010 brings us fantastic faux products. With the Green Movement going full steam ahead, you can now find faux fur, leather, wood greenery and flowers that look like the real McCoy!

Faux Bois-Fake Wood: This a great eco-friendly alternative that looks like the real thing. Buy faux-bois, save a tree. Unless you hate trees, then you are a mean, mean person.

Faux Leather: Regardless of your feelings about the ethical treatment of animals, raising animals for leather and fur requires a large amount of feed, land, water and fossil fuels. All of this causes a substantial amount of pollution. Luckily, the faux options for fur and leather now are not only authentic looking, but can be softer and easier to clean than the non-faux versions.

Faux Flowers & Greenery: With the exception of fresh organic flowers, conventionally grown flowers can be an environmental hazard. Most cut flowers are imported from other countries and can contain chemicals that cause illness. That along with the greenhouse gases from transportation make faux flowers a legitimate option. Just be sure to select flowers made from eco-friendly fabrics. Good rule of thumb... If the flower costs less than $.50, probably not a good fake.

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