April 20, 2011

Earth Day - April 22, 2011

Earth Day is on Friday this year, which is a great excuse for me to bust out one of MANY craft projects sitting in my office. You know how some people have eyes bigger than their stomachs? Well, I think I have eyes bigger than my free time. At all times, I have at least 5 projects sitting in piles/containers to work on when I've got nothing else to do. Did I mention that I never have nothing else to do? Anyway, I decided to schedule in some time this week to work on a few projects that I have been itching to do. 

The first is this crazy awesome Mason jar light that I saw featured on Secret Pocket a few weeks back. I have serious love for antique canning jars and am always looking for a new way to use them. Not only is this a super easy project, but it is a great example of how to create something new from something old. The days of assembly line, cookie cutter design is out. I mean, why would you want your house to look like everyone else's anyway?

I am going to make three in total to hang in a cluster at different levels. I can't wait to see it all set up and lit up at night. Stay tuned for more projects. I'm keep my fingers crossed for dry weather. One can only do so much indoors. Happy Earth Day!


Lisa said...
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Rese said...

Happy Earth day! Love it!