July 1, 2011

DIY Bathroom Organizer

What do you do with an old spice rack (Kind of sounds like a crappy folk song I had to sing in chorus involving a drunken sailor.)? If you're me, you make it into a totally girly bathroom organizer. That's madness, you say? No, my friend, it is not.
Exhibit A. One somewhat boring and unappealing spice rack I picked up at Value Village for a whopping $2.99.

Exhibit B. A beautiful bathroom organizer fit for a queen.

Supplies Used:
plain card stock
scrapbooking paper
Tacky Glue
sand paper
glue stick
gold spray paint
black tassels
black gem trim
small gold hooks
super small nails

This was definitely a one day project. I lightly sanded it, sprayed primer and then paint. Once it was completely dry, I nailed on the back, which consisted of gluing some scrapbook paper to card stock. After that, I glued on the black trim and tassels and screwed in the gold hooks. Simple as that. Happy crafting!


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annebocci said...

You're a doll!
Looks amazing.