July 31, 2012

DIY: Life's a Picnic

Once upon a time I saw an old suitcase at a garage sale. The moment I laid my eyes on that beauty, I knew she was destined for bigger and better things. My hands were tied, I had no choice but to buy her and take her home to fulfill her destiny. One year later, the solution presented itself in the form of  a CoCo Designs DIY project... A picnic basket, baby!

Here she is. Not only was the liner covered in mysterious stains, but the whole thing smelled of a delightful must and mold. Took a solid two days to air out.

Now dismantling. I ripped out the liner and cleaned up the outside. A little hint, wear a mask and gloves. I couldn't believe the amount of crap that came out of that old lady.

After I was sure I had all of the dirt, lining, strings and other yucky remnants removed, I went to a spray paintin'. Mostly just the outside. Try and get the perimeter of the inside, but the majority will be covered in fabric.

Once that all dried, the fun part began. Kind of like doing your hair and putting on makeup. I grabbed some fun fabric, felt and ribbon for decorative purposes and made sure I was stocked up on Mod Podge, Velcro, staples and other miscellaneous craft supplies. Now, get to crafting...

Here's the finished product. You can also check out my segment on AM Northwest where I discuss this very project and another craft goody I whipped up.


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