February 22, 2013

Time for Din-Din

Sometimes I feel like a wallpaper pusher. I'm not trying to be, but I just love it so much. "Come on, man. All the cool kids are doing it."

Wallpaper was a key design element in a recent project I completed in a 1910 bungalow in SW Portland. I was beyond thrilled with how it turned out. Pretty much nailed it.

This is what we started with. A typical Ikea design was done when my client first purchased his home. While it served it's purpose, he was ready for a more cozy, warm and lived in feel.
And here is the finished product...
Pretty big difference, right? I added wallpaper and a chair rail on the main wall, and new paint in a light gray with a blue tint on the remaining walls. The ceiling was good as is, since it was basically white. The french doors were painted in a darker blue gray to make them pop.

I loved the industrial table and chairs we got, but they were a little cold. I tossed in some throw pillows and problem solved. They add cushion, color and texture.

Accessories and the small tidbits are essential in finishing up a design. I like to think of it as the make-up and jewelry of a design. It's what completes the look. Words to live by. You're welcome.


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GregJones said...

I like that place. I should buy it.