October 14, 2011

Help Support "Rocking For Ashton"

Ashton is the 8 year old son of my friend, Sami. Sami and I have known each other for more years than I would like to say. Think back to LUHS Warrior days.

Ashton is severely autistic and cannot talk, read, write or communicate like most of us. He doesn't know who Santa or the Easter Bunny are. And he doesn't even know when it's his birthday. One fateful trip four years ago opened up Ashton's life for the better. His parents took him on a trip to Disneyland to meet Mickey Mouse. Without rhyme or reason, Ashton was able to communicate to his parents that he was ready to go by picking up his shoes and walking them to the door. Mickey Mouse was the answer they had been looking for. Unfortunately, due to the added responsibilities of caring for a severely Autistic child, Ashton and his family haven't been able to make another trip down in over four years. This is where Rocking For Ashton comes in.

What started out as just a little idea to help a deserving kid take a vacation has turned into an amazing charity event. Not only will proceeds benefit Ashton, but also Mighty Oaks Children's Therapy Center. From free shows by countless musical acts, silent auction, live auction and fundraising dinner, this 3 day event has something for everyone. Please look at Ashton's website and contribute to this very important cause. 


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