October 27, 2011

Take a Load Off

The options for seating are endless, no joke. Color, pattern, texture, style, material... I love that no matter how many pieces I see, I still get happily surprised at a new chair or bench that comes out. Here are a few of my favorites.

Kelly Wearstler
Oh, how I love you, Ms. Wearstler. I want to be just like you when I grow up.
Her designs are NEVER boring and always keeps the design community on it's toes.

Addison Chair

The Peacock Chair by Dror Benshetrit
Umm, where do I start? The name. Made of felt. The shape. Come on, this chair is fabulous!

Com-Oda by Mr. Simon

Um Project Milking Stools

Jay Watson Design - "Linger A Little Longer"
Listen, anything that reminds me of  a Hypercolor t-shirt is a winner in my book. My only concern would be the butt print left behind.

Phantom Restaurant at Opera Garnier by ODBC

House Beautiful


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