June 5, 2012

Best in Show

Portland is probably the most dog friendly city in the country, which works out great for me. Sometimes I forget that not every city is like mine. So, it's nice to see so much dog-themed decor these days. Even if you can't have your own real live pet, you can at least have one in spirit (not to mention these kind of dogs don't shed).

These chairs on Interior Design Hound fantastic!

Just love this adorable little mini animal display by Sania Pell.

Osborne and Little put together two things I love in one
and created wallpaper. It's like Christmas.

I can't think of a better way to incorporate lighting into a room.

White pups

Anthropologie and Interior Devine show us how to get our dog art on.

Yes, I have an obsession with dachshunds, but it's also hard to find
decor in other breeds. Why, because they're adorable.


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