June 1, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Nine

This room on The Selby is my dream. Who wouldn't want a room that
resembles cotton candy?

Growing up, we always had cuckoo clocks and I loved them. So, when
I saw this gem from Naked Decor, it instantly took me back. A modern take
on a classic.

I've been fighting the iPad phenomenon for a long time. As time has
passed, I've begun to realize I may not have a choice for much longer.
Good to know I'll be able to get a super cool case when I finally cave
and accept the fact that I will have to buy one.

 I've been daydreaming about using these shelves for a client since I first saw them.

Everyone needs a little DVF At Home in their lives.

I think it's a pretty well known rule that if it has gold leaf, I will love it.
Enter this amazing media cabinet from Dwell Studio.

Doesn't this photo look completely magical? The sunlight streaming
through the trees, the water and of course the most adorable little
camper ever. Just hook up to your car and go.


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