February 11, 2012

CoCo Takes Manhattan-Part III: MoMA

Fulang-Chang and I
Frida Kahlo


I had one non-work must do on my list for this trip and that was to visit the crazy awesome MoMAWhere do I start with the amazing place? Multiple stories of inspiration and breathtaking beauty. Pretty much every artist you can think of wrapped into one building.  

D and I visited MoMA on my last day in Manhattan. Minus a somewhat unpleasant experience with a jerk off of a coat check (yes, I said coat check), the visit was divine. I could have easily spent the entire day there soaking in all of the unbelievable talent oozing from every level.

Lady Rosa of Luxembourg
Sanja Ivekovic
Orange Car Crash Fourteen Times
Andy Warhol
Portrait of Joseph Roulin
Vincent van Gogh
Napoleon in the Wilderness
Max Ernst
Untitled-candies individually wrapped in silver cellophane
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
*This was so peaceful and yet so sad. Visitors are asked to take a piece of candy, which is replenished throughout the day. The process represents continuous depletion and regeneration. The installation was created by the artist after his partner died of AIDS-related complications in 1991. It was lovely.
Rirkrit Tiravanija
*Who doesn't love an art exhibit where you get to eat yummy, warm curry and rice? It was the perfect snack and now I can say I was part of an exhibit at MoMA.

I Still Use Brushes


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