February 26, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: 6

Hello, hello, hello. These last couple of weeks have been a real experience. My bathroom flooded, had the flu and got rear-ended by a chick with zero insurance. All equally awesome, but wrapped into a short time frame makes it super special. So, to cheer myself up, here is another edition of Favorite Things.

I dare you to find something that isn't completely
amazing about these shoes.
JS Wings Sneakers by Jeremy Scott x Adidas

These Rewash Lamps are made from old washing machine drums and decorated with all kinds of cray cray. Wine corks, AstroTurf, fur. Why didn't I think of this???

I can see myself now lounging by the water with a cocktail in hand. So dreamy.
Bonaire House by Silberstein Architecture

This wall is so bad ass. The colors and design are fab!

You know me. If it involves a chicken,
I love it. Thanks Kyle Bean.
This beautifulness by Delight by Design is the
perfect color combination and of course the cork. CORK!

The Maverick Hide Chair gets my blood
pumping. Makes me want to throw on some
cowboy boots and get my ho down on.
Well, hello doxie pen.

Dog Lamps, where have you been all my life?


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