May 14, 2012

CoCo DIY: TV Hideaway

FINALLY, here is the first peak into my recent design job in New York City. A little DIY for you CoCo readers. Need an idea for hiding those hideous wall mounted tv's? Your wish is my command.

Electronics... Not so pretty. Of course, this seems to be understood more so by women than men. We started with an empty brick wall and an idea. I have had this design idea for close to a year, just waiting for the right space and client to try it out on. Luckily, D was a willing participant.

The next logical thing to do... Hit the hardware store for supplies.
On our list: 1x2's, plywood, stain, rags, brush, steel wool, screws, chain, hooks, wood glue, protective gloves and sandpaper.
Be sure to take measurements prior to heading to the store. Measure the tv and height from ceiling. Remember, once the chain and wood have been cut, you can't make them longer if you measure incorrectly.

Next up... Sand. And when I say sand, I mean sand. Check out this quality craftsmanship on the corners. Nice and smooth.

Okay, all sanded and ready for the glue. Ahh wood glue, what a wonderful invention you were. Place all of the pieces of 1x2's in the place you would like them. Make sure you really work out the design because once it's glued, you have limited time to change it. Especially with the quick bond glue. Once all pieces have been glued to the plywood, place something super heavy on top to hold everything in place while it dries. FYI, a table top works wonders for this task. Once everything is completely dry, flip over and attach the braces with screws. Be sure you choose screws that are shorter than the pieces of wood. No one wants unsightly holes.

And now it's time for the stain. Don't you just love that word. Makes me think of my fingers after berry picking all day. Okay, back to the project. Flip over the hideaway and wipe down REALLY well. You don't want any fuzz, dust, dirt, anything hanging out when you put the stain on. Let the wood dry and then slap on your first layer. Feel free to put on as many coats as you like until you achieve the color you're looking for. Just follow the directions on the can.

To finish off this bad boy, attach the hooks and chain to the back and set in place to hang from the ceiling.

Your finished product...



Chickadee Quiltworks said...

Okay great, but how do you view the TV?

Lora Coburn said...

You just unhook it. This is for someone that doesn't watch a lot of tv.