May 8, 2012

Run for the Roses 2012

They say it's the most exciting two minutes in sports. And this girl agrees 100%. My friends and I have been celebrating the wondrous day of The Kentucky Derby for years. As a matter of fact, when asked on Saturday about our annual trip to Rialto, I realized it was 10 years ago that I experienced my first Derby, courtesy of Greg Jones.

If you've never been to a Kentucky Derby celebration, you are missing out. There are different schools of thought on the best place to go on Derby Day, but me, I'm a loyal Rialto girl. I mean, where else can you get cheap, stiff drinks, gamble on the ponies, hear a Dixieland Band and mingle with what my friend Brock calls "the salt of the earth".

The boys looking dapper.

My favorite Joe in the whole wide world.

Can this girl be any cuter? No.

Sean blaming Nate for not telling him about "Boxing" the Trifecta.

Race time!

This lovely gentleman saved me in the betting process. Damn 
machine wouldn't take my $5 and he came to my rescue
five beautiful one dollar bills. Thank you, stranger.

The girls.


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