May 18, 2012

Guest Blog: Architectural Art Tile

Today's post is from my friends over at Architectural Art Tile. Lots of good info and some sweet tiles. Thanks guys!


Updating or remodeling a kitchen is not finished until you complete the backsplash. This is an area of a wall that is directly behind a stove or counter that adds style to the room. One way to give your backsplash personality is to install tile. One option is to simply use a backsplash tile that can be found at any home improvement store. Another option is to install a glass tile backsplash.

The first step to a kitchen backsplash tile project is to choose the material. This is an important step and requires examination of the options that you have available. To do this, you can research material to use for the project online or look at examples available at a home improvement store. The options available are similar to those for floor tiles. If you are going for a unique look for your kitchen, consider a type of glass tile that is easy to install. Weigh the advantages of one material over the other and then decide if a particular option is best.

A variety of colors are available to use for a kitchen backsplash. However, the color that you choose for your kitchen needs to match the style of the room. This includes features of the room including fixtures and the countertop. The choice of color is crucial to your overall design. You can select from a range of colors from sand to bright red. Color can be an extension of emotion and various attributes. Use a color that will allow visitors to your home to relax and feel like they are in an inviting room. The color of the tile should also be stimulating to productivity.

The tile that you choose can have a predetermined pattern or you can create your own using a variety of pieces. The pattern needs to be engaging to draw interest to this feature. A custom pattern for these tiles allows you to be creative. Layers are one option that you can use to add personality. Tile can also be arranged in a combination to obtain a unique design.

Another option that you need to consider for your kitchen is the grout that is used. You can choose a grout in a variety of colors to complement the tile. However, you should determine the type of grout for your kitchen when selecting the tile.


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