August 14, 2012

Serving Up Style: Meet the Team

It's time for the official announcement of Team CoCo. I am so very lucky to have three amazingly talented people join me this year for Serving Up Style. Welcome to Adriane Boyland, Kaylene Campbell and Minh Duong.

I can't give too much away, but I will tell you this. We are going to KILL IT!

Roll call...

This little lady is back for year two with CoCo Designs at Serving Up Style. She also kicks ass at interning and assisting me with all kinds of design nonsense. Adriane is getting ready to start her third year at Portland State and is majoring in Architecture. She is an interior designer's dream.

This sassy sister is a Serving Up Style veteran. Prior to joining CoCo Designs for this year's competition, she has been a star member of the Art Institute Team. I convinced Kaylene to come join the dark side. She is one hell of a student at AI and has a killer eye for design.

What can I say about a man that dresses better than me? Besides the obvious fact that he must be REALLY stylish. Minh is another previous AI team member with plenty of experience under his belt who decided to cross over. He is bringing a much needed breath of male insight into the high levels of Estrogen at Team CoCo. Minh is also a student at AI with a crazy gift for design.


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