April 9, 2013

Glam Up Your Bed

Bedrooms. Most people use their's as a clean laundry drop, ironing room, junk catchall and just don't worry about making it pretty. Why? It's the one room in your house that isn't a high traffic area and mostly likely won't be seen by guests. You can close the door and forget about it (until you have to go to bed). I'm guilty of this too. Bad me! But it's just so easy.

One quick and dramatic fix is to work on your headboard. Now, keep in mind that the word "headboard" doesn't necessarily mean just a headboard. Add on to the one you have with some cool artwork, paint the wall your bed is against for contrast, wallpaper, sconces, wood trim, fabric, garland. It's all up to your imagination.

ACE HOTEL                                     LILY BUNN

COCO DESIGNS                                            UNKNOWN

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