April 26, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: One-Four

I would like an announcer Oprah style that announces my Favorite Things posts. That or Julie Andrews singing an intro.

I want to stay at the New Hotel in Athens. So bright and airy.

If I could pull this look off, I would purchase the bathing suit in 2.7 seconds. Damn winter weight.

Stumped for a unique gift idea? Have a custom head Pez made. Hello! So cool!

The ultimate fitted shirt... Fabric in a can. Yes, I said a can.

 Gilded Mint on Etsy has some superb artwork to jazz up your walls.

Yeah, I know. Most people don't like pigeons. But I think we can all agree that these pigeon lamps are very different than the standard city dwelling type.

 My dogs are turning seven in July and they have requested this bed in black as their birthday gift. Uncle Greg, are you listening?

 Little kids in sunglasses make me happy. Especially this kid. Could he be any cuter? The answer would be no. I'm one lucky auntie.

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