November 23, 2011

Turnip, Turnip, Who's Got The Turnip?

As if you don't know, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. As I write this post, I am waiting on cream cheese and butter to soften so I can whip up some delicious pumpkin bars. After that, homemade cranberry dressing and if I'm feeling really ambitious, Pinwheels. Off topic, back to my point. 

If you're still trying to come up with some clever table setting ideas, but haven't found anything you like, check out CoCo on AM Northwest this morning. One of my favorite Thanksgiving decor shopping spots is the produce department at the grocery store. I kind of wander around aimlessly looking for colorful and interesting produce. I'm pretty sure the guys that work there think I'm either really particular about my fruit or just really dumb. If they only knew...

I collected a few small vases and a goblet from my cupboard. Grabbed some candles from my stockpile and went to work. I just sat and cut and placed until things looked right. Make sure you use your gardener's twine for anything you need to tie together (like the asparagus). You can also tie some around vases and candle holders to incorporate it throughout the design. 

Probably the easiest holder ever made. Grab a turnip that sits flat and has nice color. Take a piece of cardstock or pre-made placecard, add a fun sticker, flower, something cute and write the person's name. Next, glue on a toothpick to the back and let dry. When all dry and ready to set the table, give the turnip a good stab with the toothpick and you're all set.

(Yes, that's my dog's name. So what!)

You should also hit up Crate & Barrel at Bridgeport Village if you're looking for some festive dishes, glassware and flatware. They have all of those goodies on sale for 25% off until 11/28/11. 



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