December 22, 2013

25 Days of Christmas CoCo Style - Day 22: Stuff Your Face

It's a little known fact that all holiday food is calorie free. From Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve, I live by this little nugget of info. Of course, somehow I gain weight overnight on 12/31. Weird. If you're looking for some last minute recipe inspiration, you came to the right place.

This ham recipe is so simple and so delicious. Only five ingredients. That's my kind of recipe. If you can get past the raw prep of a ham (for an animal lover, this is not an easy task), the rest of it is a piece of cake. And I can guarantee you will get compliments from everyone.
Who doesn't love a dish of potatoes, cheese and butter? These au gratin potatoes have all of the ingredients of happiness in one dish. Word of advice, cut the potato slices thin or you will be waiting forever for it to fully cook.

Aww... Cake. So yummy and delicious that I had to include two different recipes for dessert. The first is an apple cake that I will be making for a family holiday dinner tonight. I am super excited to see how this turns out. The recipe calls for Macintosh apples and surprisingly, they aren't the easiest to find. I finally had to ask for help and was walked to a small little shelf on the outskirts of the produce section.
 Second is this rum cake. I made a double batch this year for gifts. Instead of doing a bundt cake, I purchased small disposable heart cake pans and then wrapped them in celophane. Of course, I had to save one for myself. I added a little Marionberry preserves and it was delish.
 Merry Christmas!

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