December 11, 2014

25 Days of Christmas CoCo Style - Day 11: Gift Guide for Some Straight Up Cool Stuff

Welcome to another edition of The Gift Guide. Just 15 short days left until Christmas morning. Will your gifts WOW or require the receiver to put on a fake smile and plan their immediate trip to Goodwill?

1. I've never actually had a hot water bottle, but I love the idea of it. There is something so cozy and wintery about them. And this FAUX FUR HOT WATER BOTTLE COVER is reason enough to get one.

2. Holy Hell! How unbelievably cool is this 3D PEN??? Being a non-techy, I had a hard time wrapping my head around this one in the beginning. Once I saw the video, I was sold. Way cool.
3. In my world, you can never have enough stationary. Love the design of these CARDS at Barney's.

4. I've mentioned many, many times how much I love anything miniature. This BABY SRIRACHA is so adorable. I'd pinch it's cheeks if it had cheeks.

5. New studies show that workers with a NICHOLAS CAGE WHITEBOARD at their desk are 237% more productive than non-whiteboard workers.
6. Where have these FLASK MITTENS been all my life. So many concerts and camping trips could have benefited from them.

7. It's a SLOTHZILLA SHOWER CURTAIN. No reason for coolness required.
8. My dreams have come true. I just wonder if the POPPING BUBBLE WRAP KEYCHAIN is as satisfying as the real thing. I should probably get one and do a side-by-side comparison.

9. For the greenthumb lacking garden space comes the POSTCARDEN. Get it? Postcard... Garden... Postcarden.

10. They say this CRUMB CATCHER VACUUM works great on the counters. I'm more interested in using it on my desk and the kitchen table.
11. A real life MINI-ME. Umm, yes please!!!

12. Red hot LIPSTICK LIGHTER and it's only $4. Talk about a steal.
images can be seen here

 Merry Christmas!

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