December 13, 2014

25 Days of Christmas CoCo Style - Day 13: You Light Up My Life

Holiday lighting. One of the most important aspects of the decorating process. It creates mood, emotion and is the base of your Christmas tree. People often stick to the standard twinkle lights of years past and don't go outside of their comfort zone. Nothing wrong with the twinkles (I use them myself), but you can also easily incorporate some fun lighting into the traditional.

Pink glitter lights. Yes, I said pink glitter lights. These would be great for a non-traditional design or a girl's bedroom.
Reindeer lights are the perfect example of the non-traditional. Add them to garland or a bookshelf. They're both decoration and lighting.

Talk about nostalgia. Bubble lights always take me back to my childhood. So, combine those and gold... Pretty much my dream come true. If you're looking for last minute gift ideas for me, you can find these at Target.
These red star lights would look fantastic hanging from ceiling. Add a little holiday spirit to your dining room chandelier or down a hallway. Indoor/outdoor safe, you could hang them from your porch too.

Lights aren't limited to just decor. Of all the holiday sweatshirts and sweaters this season, these two are my favorite. The "Merry Christmas" sweatshirt not only has real stockings hanging from the mantel, but the fire lights up.
Clarice never looked so good. If Rudolph wasn't in love before, he is now for sure.

Looking for an alternative to the pine tree? Try this Christmas tree floor lamp. I would guess this is the easiest tree decorating and setup ever. Won't lose as many needles either.
For the co-ed in your life. Incorporate Christmas into their next kegger. If you're unfamiliar with these little red cups, check out any show on MTV.

Holiday lighting doesn't have to be straight out of the store. I found a couple of great DIY's to use around your house. These snowball lights are simply enchanting. If we actually got snow here, I would be all over this project.
Trying to keep the power costs down? Hang these cute babies up. Easy to make, low cost and kid-friendly craft project.

It's Christmas lights. It's a phone charger. It's awesome.
This one is just for your entertainment. That's true Christmas dedication right there. I officially surrender my crown.

 Merry Christmas!

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