December 10, 2011

25 Days of Christmas CoCo Style - Day 10: BEER

This post is from my favorite beer aficionado, Ms. Emily Engdahl. If you want to know about all things beer related in our fair city, be sure to check out PDX Beer Geeks or follow her on twitter @pdxbeergeeks and Facebook. She is the shizzy.
15 Great Holiday Gifts for the Beer Geek in Your Life!

The holidays are here, and with them, the inevitable search for just the right gift. You want to show your love and appreciation for that special someone, and beer geeks are no exception! Whether you love to give or receive, here are fifteen fantastic gift options for the beer lover in your life.  While we have a ton of delicious breweries and beers readily available at supermarkets in our region, sometimes you want something a little different to go along with (or in place of) the mixed six pack of craft beers! Below, my top picks for affordable and universally appreciated gifts that won't break the bank, but will garner you much respect from that special someone.

Warm Hoodie from Oregon Tr'Ale Gear

Gift certificate to a local bottles shop! Saraveza, Bottles, or The Beermongers!

Ninkasi Brewing Company Seasonal Variety 4 packs

Oakshire Brewers Dinner Date - check calendar for upcoming events

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit (available locally at Whole Foods) 

Gift Certificate to Portland U Brew & PUBFH Steinbart or Homebrew Exchange

Mini Fridge from Costco

Tickets to GABF 2012

Tickets to Oregon Brewers Festval 2012

Smithwick's upcycled beer wallet from Mindy's Beer Gear

Roaming Pint Recycled Beer Notebooks

Women Enjoying Beer Tees, hats & stickers

Bread & Badger Pint Glass of the Month Club

Membership to Oregon Brew Crew

Subscriptions to Beer West, Zymurgy, or Brew Your Own magazines


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