December 17, 2012

25 Days of Christmas CoCo Style - Day 17: Gift Guide Take Three

If you haven't already finished your Christmas shopping, you may be in trouble. Not trying to scare you, but damn, you're crazy. No fear, below are some fabulous last minute gift ideas. You are welcome.

Want and want. And how precious is this Campfire Kit?

You have to hang your coat somewhere. Why not hang it on some cool antlers?

These are some of the cutest appetizer plates that I've seen in awhile.

Jewelry is never a bad idea for the lady in your life.

It's like a milk splash. I have ordered one of these for a client and
it's pretty cool. It's rubbery and wiggles.

These dice make me think of the Christopher Walken SNL skit. If you
haven't seen it, you need to.

Bringing  a little bit of the woods indoors. These remind me of  the slice
you take off of your Christmas tree before putting it in the stand. Maybe
that's why I like them.

For the LV lover who has all of the bags and accessories. Some may
ask "Why". I say, "Why not"?

I agree, at first look, these baby soap hands are supes CREEPY. But,
after a couple of seconds, you can find the humor. Right? Talk about
a conversation starter at your next dinner party.


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