December 6, 2012

25 Days of Christmas CoCo Style - Day 6: Branch and Birdie

Today's post comes from the owner of one of my favorite Portland boutiques, Branch and Birdie. Not only is Anna Fickle adorable, but her knack for style and design is fantastic. Thanks for your guest post, Anna!

THE HOLIDAYS- a time for cheer, giving, decorating, making cookies and SHOPPING! As a small boutique owner I prep, plan and eagerly await this joyous time. The time of year that I can count on all of the lovely ladies who are out and about to shop for both others AND themselves. It's also the time of year that we must use a bit of aggressive hinting- not all loved ones are quite as savvy in the gift giving department as we are so it doesn't hurt to give them a subtle nudge in the correct direction…I for one find myself pining for a new handbag each year come mid November (honestly with each changing season, but verbally by mid Nov.). Lucky for me my husband is quite the GQesque fashionista (whatever the masculine form may be) and has surprised me with several stunning purses over the years; but let's face it most of our partners need a little help in the handbag department so I would love to introduce you to four of my current favorites that are conveniently located in my shop (and online at this holiday season!

First: The highly functional yet oh-so-stylish, black leather Hobo Tote by Jo Handbags- this baby will give you many miles and allows you to haul around everything but the kitchen sink while still looking fab.

Second: Every UK fashion blog's current obsession, the Leather Satchel- practical, sturdy and ubercool. While visiting Europe this fall I couldn't begin to count all of the sleek satchels that I saw in use!

Next: If you love gorgeous, unique and made in the USA the Margot Bag by Thomas IV is the arm candy you deserve. I will admit that I have kept one of these lovelies for myself and couldn't be happier.

Last: After all, most of us live in PDX, possibly bike to work and adore all things handmade- the waxed canvas Plunkton Pack Backpack by Shelter is not only handmade and will last a lifetime it's also super useful and will hold up against the winter elements.

May your holiday be filled with fun, food, festivities and several extra special packages under the tree!
xoAnna Fickle, proprietress of Branch and Birdie


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